Hastings 35Ft Tel-O-Pole-II No-Twist Hot Stick

The "No-Twist-Stick" is a unique heavy-duty triangular design. HV235 is 35Ft extended, 68" retracted, and weighs 12.1 lbs.

Triangle Shape - Enables each section to "lock-in automatically". No more twisting and turning to align buttons to lock sections.
High Visibility - Fluorescent tip section is highly visible and has a foam core. All tip sections are 1.15" diameter.
Tested - All sections are 100% tested per OSHA and ASTM F-711.
Re-Designed Lock Buttons - New shape and larger size are easier to operate with and without gloves.
More Versatile - Use only the number of sections required to perform the job. By depressing the lock-button, bottom sections can be easily removed to reduce length and weight.
Ergonomic Design - Triangular shape gives the operator a better gripping surface for better control.
Easy Maintenance - Sections are easily separated for cleaning and repair. One size button and spring fits all sections.
Improved Universal Head - Strong aluminum alloy head incorporates corona discharge design and includes a captive Belleville washer to hold universal attachments securely.