Buckingham BuckBully™ 5/8" Aluminum Pulley

Buckingham's high strength 5/8" aluminum pulley is designed to be used in conjunction with the popular OX Block™ for synthetic rope. It features a maintenance free sealed bearing delivering effortless pulling, and side plates that are hard coat anodized and laser etched for long lasting durability. The aluminum sheave can accommodate up to a 5/8" rope and the side plate to sheave tolerance is tight enough that P-line or mule tape can be pulled through and not get jammed up. All of this in a light weight package that can handle loads of up to 2500-lbs all day long, and is easily installed or removed from the rope. Buckingham's 5/8" Pulley is a great light weight addition to your rigging or rescue kit that won't break your back or budget!