Combination Portable Pay-Out & Take-Up Reel

This reel is designed to handle the larger coils of aluminum wire. Inside coil diameter may vary from 17" minimum to 27" maximum. Outside coil diameter is 37" with height of 12".

This reel is extremely light weight yet strong and durably constructed. The frame is made of stout tubing. To add to the ease of portability, the guide pins fold flat so that the reel is compact enough to carry or slide into a truck or convert it easily from a pay-out to a take-up reel.

Two braces and a hand crank are furnished to hold the reel in an upright position. The guide pins are easily and quickly adjustable to take wire coils from 17" to 27" inside diameter.

The automatic brake is another important feature. As the wire is pulled, the brake releases and the wire pays out freely. The instant tension is released the brake sets and any possibility of back-lash is prevented. One man can tend to several reels.

Weight 90 lbs.

Ships by motor freight. Price includes shipping.